Business Networking 101

Business Networking 101

What would it feel like to go to a networking event and have an exciting time?


You don’t know because it has never happened? Well, let’s change that right now.


To get rid of these “bad feelings” you have about networking, let’s look at what you don’t like – and turn those thoughts around.


Feel like you’re talking, and no one is listening?


Do you know why that happens? It is because most people are not listening! Instead they are thinking what they are going to say. So, confuse them. Listen to what they are saying. It’s not hard, especially when you are not thinking about what you want to say.


Most people when they feel listened to will reciprocate, they will listen to you.



Feel dejected when the event is over?


I’m sure you have heard the idea that you need to have a goal when going to a networking event. It’s true – maybe though you have had the wrong goal all along. What about if you went to make connections and not close sales?


What would your reaction be if you went with the goal of making a connection for someone, instead of to someone. What I mean is that you go with the intention of helping someone. It may be information, a potential client or future partner.


If you are not happy with the results of your networking, it’s time do something different.


How to go to networking events and get business in 2 simple steps

You don’t even have to try.

  1. Listen don’t talk
  2. Give don’t take.


Do this consistently over the next 2 months and see how your results change. Let me know your results.