Open for business

Open for business

Open for business


Carey Business Vault will soon be open for business, and that is also the name of our blog. We want you to open the vault to help your business.


In every business the owner has a WHY. Why they do this, why they have the passion, etc.


My why goes back to my childhood and my first-grade teacher. Imagine being a 6-year-old on your first day of school. New teacher who looks mean and who starts class with the sentence “we will not be using nicknames in this class.”  She then continues to call the role. But she does not call my name. I start to panic. Am I in the right class? She then says that she has 2 names that no one responded to. One of them was Elizabeth Ann Francis. She asks if anyone has the last name Francis. So, I raise my hand. At that point I was verbally berated for not knowing my name. Telling me that Lisa was a nickname and I should have known this. I then had to put my head down on my desk for the next 15 minutes.


Imagine the humiliation I felt in front of my new classmates. I did not even know my name. That humiliation carried through a lot of my school life. I hesitated to raise my hand for fear that I would be wrong and humiliated again.


It took a lot of years and an immense amount of personal development to increase my confidence level to where it is now.


Starting or running a business can be a very lonely undertaking and making decision around your business can be very scary. And yes, if you make wrong decisions you might feel humiliated. I know how that feels and that is why I invented Carey Business Vault. My hope is that by using the information in the vault that you will make the most informed decision possible. I am hoping that my humiliation in 1967 will keep you from being humiliated today.


Come open the Vault – to get more business