When you can’t delegate

When you can’t delegate

This week has had me swimming in overwhelm. The launch date for the Carey Business Vault membership site is in 7 days and I have so much to do. We hit a snag for the house we are selling, and my neurosurgeon just told me I may be looking at spinal fusion surgery.

If it hadn’t had been for the training I have been doing for the past year I don’t know if I would have made it through.  The thing that has kept me from over the cliff has been something simple – breathing. I know it may sound strange but just focusing on my breath and putting everything else out of my mind has helped.  It helped me think clearly about what I needed to do, and what was a priority.

The priority turned out to be the selling of the house. I got as much information as I could, gave a heads up to my lawyer in case she needed to get involved. Then let it go. It was extremely hard to put out of my mind – but I did it, and today I got the outcome. No issues and we are proceeding.

What has helped me the most with the huge project of building the membership site (Carey Business Vault) has been to break it into as small of chunks as possible and prioritizing everything. I just do as much as I can without killing myself. No use doing that – then it wouldn’t launch anyway.

As far as the back is concerned – not much I can do about that. Just need to keep doing Physical Therapy and keep moving forward.

I recently finished a virtual race and got my medal – and a saying that I have posted in my office. It is my new motto! Your speed doesn’t matter – Forward is Forward.