Why does my boss micromanage me?

Why does my boss micromanage me?

Why does my boss micromanage me?

With over 40 years in the working world, I have found that there are two reasons that this happens and that they are closely aligned. Those reasons are fear and trust. When this happens to us we usually internalize the feeling. In other words, “why are they doing this to me”? The truth is that this doesn’t always have to do with us.

Fear is rampant.

All of us have had the fear at one time or another that we could or would be fired. Usually, this task of firing would be left to our boss, so we never gave much thought to the fact that they might be fired. But, think about it! If you are one person afraid of doing something that would get you fired imagine multiplying that personal fear with the one that someone that worked for you could do something that would get you fired. Kind of a scary situation.

Does every boss think like that? Of course not! The good ones don’t. They spend their time training you to make the right decisions, so they don’t have to worry about you making the wrong ones. Why? Because they trust you!

When trust is missing.

So, what can you do when trust is missing, and you feel your boss does not trust you. I have found that keeping them advised of what you are doing is the key. It may take a while to find out where that sweet spot is where your boss will stop bugging you about what you are doing – and it is worth it.

So how can this happen? Let’s start with a hypothetical situation as an events manager at a resort where your boss is always on you about every event. Instead of driving yourself nuts decide to keep them advised of event progress. This could be a status report on all the upcoming events as well as a checklist of what you check on as the event gets closer.

Now you might start to think that this is a pain – but it has some advantages. If you are doing this for your boss – you also have it for yourself in the case of an emergency. If something happens to a family member and you must leave for a week or two – will things fall apart? If you have the day of the event check of sheets then there is less chance things will go wrong, and the best part?  If your boss leaves and you get promoted into their job? Then you already have a guide for the person taking your job. It also lessens the chance that YOU will turn into that Micromanaging Boss!

Coaching Call to Action

You don’t have to be in a leadership position to work on your personal leadership. It only takes a desire to learn. If you want to learn more check out the Leadership and Management section of the Carey Business Vault.